SPC Floor DLS005

Short Description:

Fire rating: B1

Waterproof grade: complete

Environmental protection grade: E0

Others: CE/SGS

Specification: 935 * 183 * 3.7mm

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Press the V slot into HDF

SPC flooring is mainly composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder, naturally not afraid of water, so you do not have to worry about the home floor will be deformed foaming, or because of high humidity and mold, or because of temperature changes and deformation. Bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony are all available.

Every weekend, I want to stay at home and have a good weekend. In the twinkling of an eye, the good time is wasted. How can I do that? I must find a way to arrange a good weekend.

You can invite friends to come home, make rice for two, take out the usual collection of recipes, and stir fry two small dishes for yourself. You don't need a big meal, as long as you like your friends and are happy. In the evening, buy two bottles of beer, sit on the balcony, have a look at the night scene, talk about the past, talk about the future, and think about how to plan.

If you sit on the indoor paved SPC stone plastic floor of the room, you don't have to worry about the low air-conditioning temperature of the room. SPC stone plastic floor has good heat conduction function. Even if you sit on the floor, you won't feel cold, and it keeps a comfortable temperature.

When the weather is hot, I like to go barefoot without shoes. SPC stone plastic floor is made of green and environment-friendly PVC material. It has no formaldehyde pollution and no harm to human body. You can rest assured to step on the floor barefoot.

Beer accidentally sprinkled on the floor, do not panic, you know SPC stone plastic floor is waterproof and moisture-proof, just take a rag gently wipe, the floor will not leave any traces, will not occur mildew moisture situation.

SPC stone plastic floor also has the function of sound absorption and noise reduction. When chatting with friends very late at night, SPC stone plastic floor can absorb sound well without disturbing roommates to rest, even walking back and forth on the ground.

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Test Report

Test Report

Parameter Table

Surface Texture Stone Texture
Overall Thickness 3.7mm
Underlay(Optional) EVA/IXPE(1.5mm/2mm)
Wear Layer 0.2mm. (8 Mil.)
Size specification 935 * 183 * 3.7mm
Technical data of spc flooring
Dimentional stability/ EN ISO 23992 Passed
Abrasion resistance/ EN 660-2 Passed
Slip resistance/ DIN 51130 Passed
Heat resistance/ EN 425 Passed
Static load/ EN ISO 24343 Passed
Wheel caster resistance/ Pass EN 425 Passed
Chemical resistance/ EN ISO 26987 Passed
Smoke density/ EN ISO 9293/ EN ISO 11925 Passed

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