SPC Floor JD009

Short Description:

Fire rating: B1

Waterproof grade: complete

Environmental protection grade: E0

Others: CE/SGS

Specification: 935 * 183 * 3.7mm

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Floor, generally all indoor space laid in the total area of large raw materials. Whether it is work clothes or home decoration, the floor basically determines the appearance of all indoor space; For floor dealers, your road is just my face.

Our floors don't fade when the sun shines

Floor by the natural environment (sun, CO2, moisture, temperature) and microbial strains (bacteria) effect, the color of its surface changes. But in essence, the main reason is that the wood will change color. For example, the wood digests and absorbs ultraviolet light. The level of color change caused by sapwood and root material of wood will be different, which is likely to cause color deviation of the floor after laying.

Because the surface of traditional composite solid wood floor is a certain thickness of solid wood, it is pure natural wood, and it is normal for it to change color or fade after long-term sun exposure and cleaning. But the same problem will never happen on the mahogany Fang floor. Because its surface is a prepreg layer, the German brand decorative paper and the high-density aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer are selected to restore the grain of the paper.

On the one hand, because it is not wood material, it avoids the hidden danger of discoloration due to environmental factors from the source; On the other hand, there is a certain thickness of wear-resistant layer on the surface, which can well block moisture and ultraviolet light from the outside, reducing the contact with wood and the probability of discoloration of the floor.

The floor of the project is made of mahogany Fang, which will not fade or change color, so that the appearance of the project building can be in a straight line!

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Test Report

Test Report

Parameter Table

Surface Texture Wood Texture
Overall Thickness 3.7mm
Underlay(Optional) EVA/IXPE(1.5mm/2mm)
Wear Layer 0.2mm. (8 Mil.)
Size specification 935 * 183 * 3.7mm
Technical data of spc flooring
Dimentional stability/ EN ISO 23992 Passed
Abrasion resistance/ EN 660-2 Passed
Slip resistance/ DIN 51130 Passed
Heat resistance/ EN 425 Passed
Static load/ EN ISO 24343 Passed
Wheel caster resistance/ Pass EN 425 Passed
Chemical resistance/ EN ISO 26987 Passed
Smoke density/ EN ISO 9293/ EN ISO 11925 Passed

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